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Nikki Kirk Photography is passionate about weddings, about the locations, and about those all-important details. She is a documentary wedding photographer and with her team she has photographed weddings in many different types of locations from urban to rural, from blistering sunshine to torrential rain, in the UK and overseas. Her huge wealth of experience and expert technical knowledge working with different lighting conditions ensures that she can deal with whatever the elements and life throws at her to create beautiful award winning images that are bespoke to you and your wedding day.

The Basics

How long have you been working as a wedding photographer?

I’m currently celebrating the five year anniversary of being a full time photographer – this is what I do every day and I absolutely love my job! Before that I was working part time as a photographer whilst working as a  consultant in the brand industry .

How many weddings have you shot?

Several hundred! Each one is unique and I can remember them all!

Can I see your portfolio?

Yes of course! Just make an appointment to pop into our idyllic country studio for tea and cake and a chat and a good look at my portfolio and of course ask any questions you would like.

Are the images all yours?

Yes they are.

How recent are they?

I keep the images in the portfolio between 0-18 months old as styles change over time. As a photographer I am always learning and take the time to learn from industry greats, and the time to get inspired which is reflected in my work.

Will I be able to give you a list of specific shots we would like?

This is something I encourage! I will ask you for a list of your must have group shots so that these can be incorporated into your day. If you have seen images on Pinterest etc and you would like us to create your version of this, this is something we can chat about to ensure that it is quintessentially you.

Do you offer engagement shoots as part of the package?

We offer engagement shoots as an added extra as many of our clients don’t live in the Cotswolds so getting here can be a little tricky.

Have you worked at our wedding venue before? If not, will you visit beforehand?

Yes many times! I have been working with the Glenfall Team almost from Day 1, before the renovations were even a quarter of the way through, taking the first official images for Glenfall, and then meeting brides and grooms as part of #TeamGlenfall ever since. I love working at Glenfall House, it’s like a second home to me!

How would you describe your photography style?

Authentic, creative, bespoke documentary photography.

Have you photographed a wedding of a similar size to ours before?

I have photographed weddings from just the bride and groom (+registrars + 2 witnesses and me!) to weddings of 500+ over several days and locations.

What information do you need from us before the wedding?

I am passionate about weddings, about the locations, and about those all-important details. Therefore I want to know EVERYTHING! I work with you as a Team and so the more I know the more the images reflect you and your wedding day. My clients inspire me and the images of them I create


On the Day

What time will you arrive at the venue?

I will arrive when you need me to. I create a schedule of the day for photography when you first book your wedding photography so you have all of the information to share with Glenfall and so that we can compare notes to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Do we need to provide you with food?

If we are staying whilst you are eating; yes please!

Will you be the primary photographer on the day?


What time will you stay until?

We tend to stay until just after the first dance however we can of course stay longer if you would like us to. We provide a bespoke service to our clients rather than a one size fits all package as we understand that every wedding is unique.

Can we pay an extra fee if we require you to stay longer?

Yes you can.

What is your backup plan if you can’t attend on the day?

I have a team of photographers who work as second photographers for me however they are all professional photographers running their own professional photography businesses in their own rights. If the unthinkable should happen one of them will step in for me.

Do you have backup equipment?

Oh yes! I despair when I see photographers with one camera at a wedding! Cameras malfunction, lenses get dropped, things get misplaced. I carry three Canon 5D MKIII professional cameras with me at every wedding with numerous lenses for every eventuality. I also carry lighting and am known for creating beautifully lit shots in impossible situations. I am also insured.


Lisa & Simon wedding photography. Glenfall House   Image ©Nikki Kirk Photography 2017

Packages and Payment

What wedding packages do you offer?

We provide a bespoke service however to give you an idea of cost if you would like me to photograph your wedding for you and be with you from getting ready through to your first dance you, your investment in your wedding photography will be £1795. For full details on this and other options please see

Will we receive digital copies of all images? Is there an extra fee?

Yes you will receive a beautiful wooden USB in a Jorgensen fine art linen USB box with your wedding images. There is no additional fee for this.

Do you offer a printing and/or album service?

Yes! You and your guests will have access to a password protected online gallery from which you can buy images from the day. We also work with Jorgensen albums to design and create exquisite heirloom albums for you. There are some examples shown on the website.

Is retouching included in the price?

General day to day retouching ie cropping, straightening, tidying up stray exit signs, spots etc is included in the editing time. However major retouching is not. This would need to be sent out to a graphic designer. I am a photographer rather than a graphic designer.

Can we create a bespoke package?

Yes you can. I encourage clients to come and visit me at my idyllic country studio so that we can work through what you would like for your wedding day and create  bespoke plan just for you.

How long will the pictures take to arrive?

I invite you back to the Studio for the viewing of your wedding story (snuggled up on one of our sofas with a glass of bubbles) about a month after your wedding day. If you would like parents to view at the same time we encourage them to come an hour later. Many of my clients live a fair distance from the Cotswolds so if time does not allow the images are couriered to them (with a bottle of bubbles!).

When will we need to make the final payment?

A calendar month before your wedding day.


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